For students, we go the extra mile.


We all want our children to succeed.

The more classes your child misses, the harder it is for them to catch-up.

We understand the stress involved to help your child to compete to be their best. At Jaeger Orthodontics, we take action to tip the scales in your child’s favor. We designed a fully operational Mobile Orthodontic Office, championed on your student’s behalf, and bring real orthodontic care to their school so your student can finish on top.

Check out our video below to learn more!

How braces2school Works:

  • Reserve your place in the Mobile Orthodontic Office by making an appointment to begin your child’s journey to create their exquisite smile with Invisalign or braces.
  • At no extra charge and with your permission, we let your student’s school know when they will be seen in the Mobile Orthodontic Office.
  • After checking in with the school, our fully security screened staff will accompany your student for their visit to the Mobile Orthodontic Office parked by their school.
  • Your child will receive their orthodontic care by Dr. Jaeger and information will be sent to you regarding their progress.
  • Your student will be offered a Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie and accompanied back to check in with the school and return to class before the bell rings.

Teachers and other adult Jaeger Orthodontic patients from these communities we traveled to have also found this service saves them time and gas as they receive their care in our fully operational Mobile Orthodontic Office. 

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