What Sets Us Apart

Jaeger Orthodontics brings a ‘Be Our Guest’ attitude to serving

Over 70% of our patients receive orthodontic care in locations that work best for them for most of their appointments. We network with dentists in rural communities like St. Maries and Kellogg to coordinate care. Better yet, we bring our team and clinic TO your child’s school.

For students, we go the extra mile…or two.


The more classes your child misses, the harder it is for them to catch up.

We Travel To Care For Your Family.

We want our community’s children to succeed, and our team understands the pressure on families to help children flourish. At Jaeger Orthodontics, we tip the scales in your child’s favor.

We designed a full Mobile Orthodontic Office that brings complete orthodontic care to your child’s school so they enjoy less disruption and better learning.

5 Steps To Make braces2schools Work For You:

1. Reserve your appointment time in the Mobile Orthodontic Office to begin your child’s journey to their exquisite smile with Invisalign or braces.

2. At no extra charge and with your permission, we will let your student’s school know when they will be seen in the Mobile Orthodontic Office.

3. After checking in with the school, our background-checked, healthcare team will accompany your student for their visit to the Mobile Orthodontic Office parked by their school.

4. Your child will receive their orthodontic care by Dr. Jaeger and information will be sent to you regarding their progress.

5. Your student will be offered a Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie and accompanied back to check in with the school and return to class before the bell rings.

Everybody Wins

Teachers and other adult Jaeger Orthodontic patients from the communities we serve also discover how this service saves time and money. Everyone can receive their care in our comfortable Mobile Orthodontic Office!

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