Your Guide to Adult Braces: Types, Benefits, Costs

Are you considering getting braces or clear aligners as an adult? If so, there are a few things you’ll want to know, especially with all of the extra commitments that you’re responsible for when it comes to working and/or taking care of your family. Is adulthood a good time to get braces? Absolutely.

That being said, any time Dr. Jaeger sees adult clients, we hear some of the same questions being asked. Here are some of the things you may want to know more about before scheduling an orthodontic consultation as an adult:

Is it necessary to remove teeth before having braces?
In most cases, no. It used to be a normal process to remove (extract) teeth to create extra space in a person’s mouth before orthodontic treatment. That’s no longer the standard of care for most cases. Instead, a slight reduction between teeth can help enhance spacing, or palatal expanders will widen the arch of teeth to reduce crowding. Extractions are only reserved for more complex situations where severe spacing issues are a concern. Such as those involving impacted teeth, extremely small jaws, or teeth that are proportionately larger than what the mouth allows for.

What is the age limit for wearing braces?
Great news, there isn’t one! Adults of all ages can invest in braces or clear aligners as there’s no age restriction. In fact, adults make excellent orthodontic patients because they’re invested in their own self-care and the results of their investment. Treatment options like Invisalign were designed for adults, in particular, especially those who had braces in the past but might not have worn their retainer.

Getting braces as an adult can help you better manage oral health conditions like TMJ disorder, periodontal disease, and decrease your risk of tooth decay. They’re not just helpful in creating beautifully straight smiles; adult braces benefit your dental wellness in more ways than most people realize.

What is it like to wear braces as an adult?
Most adult braces patients see great results from their treatment because they’re committed to wearing their appliances as prescribed and keeping up with their follow-up visits. If you wear clear aligners, our Coeur d’Alene orthodontist will only need to see you once about every six weeks or so. Traditional braces patients are similar, so it’s easy to fit your visits into your busy schedule even if you work full time.

Because of newer orthodontic designs, even our traditional braces come in discrete, tooth-colored varieties. With ceramic or tooth-colored braces, you can talk and smile around your colleagues without attracting unwanted attention to your teeth.

How long should you wear braces?
The average orthodontic case takes about twelve months to complete from start to finish. But it can vary from person to person. Some require as few as six months, while others take about a year and a half. Our Coeur d’Alene orthodontist can provide you with a more accurate estimate during your initial exam after we’ve assessed your specific oral anatomy.

The better you stick to your care plan, the less time you’ll spend in braces. Any removable appliances should be worn as directed to prevent delays in treatment. Adults tend to be extremely committed to their orthodontic process, which is why we rarely see delays in their braces treatment.

Orthodontics: Do braces really work?
Absolutely. Braces and aligners gently move your teeth in a gentle, precise manner to reposition and align your smile over a gradual period of time. Orthodontic therapy safely adjusts how your teeth bite together without damaging your smile or the supporting bone structures around your teeth. The key is to work with an experienced orthodontist who is trained in adult braces and aligners.

During your consultation with us, Dr. Jaeger will help you weigh the advantages of different types of adult braces to determine which option is best for you.

Adult Braces in Coeur d’Alene
At Jaeger Orthodontics, we offer adult braces and aligners that fit your lifestyle. Now is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy naturally healthier, attractive teeth. Call our Coeur d’Alene orthodontist today to reserve a no-obligation consultation. Be sure to ask about our affordable payment plans!

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